End of the Year Freebies
I wanted to share some end of the year ideas and freebies that might help make your end of the year run more smoothly!
Every year I recruit parent volunteers. I usually have them work with students on reading comprehension, fluency, spelling, and basic facts. Sometimes they file papers and cut the endless piles of laminated items I have. I depend on them so much to help give my students the extra one on one they need. And at the end of the year, I love to spoil them! Last year I created a freebie parent volunteer thank you pack. I've included a paper bag album, thank you cards, and gift labels. You can click on the image below to download.
Parent Volunteer Freebies
I have my students write and illustrate one page as a thank you for the parent volunteers, then I glue them inside a paper bag scrapbook. The parent volunteers love to get this keepsake from the students.  
Parent Volunteer Freebie Thank You

I've done this strawberry theme for a few years now. Last year (see picture below) I wasn't fast enough to get all of the strawberry products from Bath and Body Works, so I had to supplement with other items. This year I found soap, lotion, and hand sanitizer at B&B Works. 

Parent Volunteer Gift Ideas and Free Printables

I usually make them cupcakes too. These strawberry cupcakes are one of the best things I've ever tasted! Then frosting tastes like strawberry fudge. The recipe is below. 

Parent Volunteer Gift Ideas and Free Printables

Strawberry Cake Recipe

These cards are great to give to colleagues or your children's teachers. Just add a coffee gift card, print, and you are all set! Cute, quick, and so easy! Click on the images to download the cards. 

Thanks a Latte Teacher Cards

Thanks a Latte Teacher Cards
This is a fun freebie I always do the last week of school. I have the students write a letter to next year's students, since they are now the pros! You can read more about it here, or click on the image to grab your freebie. 
FREEBIE Letter From My Desk
Here's a template for my end of the year parent letter from last year. Parents always ask what their children can work on over the summer, so it's nice to send a note home on the last day. This year I'm changing it and adding Xtra Math, Prodigy, and Myon, since we have been working on those websites this year. You can grab your copy here and edit it to suit your needs.  
End of the Year Parent Letter
And here's a last day of school poster just for fun. 
Freebie Last Day of School Poster
Hopefully you can grab something that will help you get through your last week. Enjoy those last, precious moments with your class!  

Hello! Things have been so hectic at home and school, and I've been a really bad blogger! I wanted to pop in quickly and share a few freebies today. These gift card holders are perfect for a quick gift for a colleague, friend, or family member. Just print and add a gift card and you have the perfect, easy gift. They will be free throughout today, so be sure to click on the picture above and grab them now if you want them.

I wanted to share another freebie that I hope to blog more about soon. We have been learning about measurement, and this hopping bunnies activity is perfect this time of year. The students measure their bunnies, then they "hop" them, and measure how far they hopped. There are a few different sheets available in this set, including inches and centimeters. I found these bunnies at Oriental Trading Company here, but you can use the frogs that are sold at the dollar store too. Since this isn't really an Easter activity, you could do it any time of year. You can click on the picture below to download this pack. Be sure to check back, because I will have another measurement freebie with the same idea coming soon!
I hope you are able to use these freebies! Have a wonderful rest of the week and Easter! :)

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